Sunday 20 January 2019

Laksa Siam

Sebungkus laksa siam atau laksa biasa

6 ekor ikan selayang
2 keping asam gelugur
10 ulas bawang merah
4 ulas bawang putih
seinci lengkuas
Sedikit halia
2 batang serai(potong pendek)
1/2 inci kunyit
Setengah kuntum bunga kantan(potong pendek)
1/2 sudu teh lada hitam
5 biji cili padi

4 helai daun limau purut
2 biji limau nipis
1/2 sudu besar sos sotong/ikan
1 sudu besar cili giling
Setengah kilo santan

Ikan direbus dengan sedikit air dan dimasukkan sekali asam gelugur dan semua bahan untuk kuahnya.
Masukkan juga sedikit garam.
Biarkan mendidih,  Matikan api.
Keluarkan ikan dan asam gelugur, (perisikan ikan - kisar isi ikan dan tulang2nya juga dikisar berasingan dan ditapis)-  campurkan keduanya dan Ketepikan.
Bahan-bahan lain yang telah direbus tadi dikisar bersama sedikit belacan dan daun limau purut.
Panaskan sedikit minyak dalam periuk dan tumis bahan kisar tadi.
Masukkan juga cili giling.
Bila naik bau masukkan ikan yang telah dikisar tadi.
Masukkan santan.
Masukkan asam gelugur(kyah guna yang rebus tadi dan tambah 2 keping yang baru.
Masukkan juga sos sotong dan jus limau nipis.
Letak gula dan garam.
Biarkan sehingga masak.

Bahan ulam
Kacang panjang(potong panjang)
Timun(potong panjang)
Bunga kantan(hiris halus)
Daun selum


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    Princess Elsa
    Elsa is the youngest daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. She has an elder sister named Anna, and a younger sister named Olaf. Elsa has ice powers that allow her to freeze objects and water (and sometimes other things), but she can't control it at first. This leads her to run away from her home in order to stop anyone from getting hurt by her power. She also meets the Snow Queen, who tells Elsa about the cold never bothering her because she embraced it as opposed to being afraid of it. Elsa realizes that ice can be beautiful instead of dangerous when used in moderation, as well as accepting that she doesn't have control over what people think or say about her anymore.

    Queen Elsa
    Elsa is one of the most popular Disney princesses. She has the power to control ice and snow and is known for her bravery, grace, and intelligence. Her childhood wasn't easy but she emerged as a strong leader who was willing to put aside her personal wants and needs in order to do what was best for the kingdom.
    Elsa's color scheme is white, blue, silver, black and purple with some pink thrown in there sometimes. Here are some coloring pages you can use as inspiration for your next project!

    Anna and Kristoff
    Elsa boyama is the main protagonist in Disney's Frozen, and she is voiced by Idina Menzel. She is Anna and Kristoff's older sister, who at first seems poised and well-mannered but later becomes an outcast when her icy powers are revealed. As a child, she struggles to control her abilities while also dealing with the fact that they might mean she was born different.

    What other characters are there?
    Elsa is a Disney character from the movie Frozen. She has many faces, and here are all of them!
    -Weeping Elsa: After her sister accidentally hurts her arm, she covers her mouth and cries.
    -Elsa the Snow Queen: She holds the magic that freezes Arendelle over and is in charge of creating snow for winter.
    -Elsa the Rockstar: In this face, she is wearing sunglasses with a microphone in front of her mouth.
    -Elsa as an Olaf Tribute: This face depicts an Olaf doll, frozen solid by Elsa's powers, which she created to help Anna find their way back home. The resemblance between Elsa and Olaf can be seen on both their outfits.
    -Elsa Sleepyhead: As she falls asleep while reading Snowman at Night to young Anna, it triggers a memory of when they were younger playing in the ballroom before everything went wrong.
    -Anna Proud Sister: When baby Eliza asks if her parents want another child like little sis Annabelle, Anna proudly points at herself.

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